Why Being Fat Is Unhealthy

That overweight is not good for health is not news. Yet the number of fat people is still increasing. And that is not without risk. Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer. People with obesity are even more likely to die prematurely.

About half of the people in the Netherlands are too fat. Overweight and obesity can lead to all kinds of health complaints and illnesses. Below you can read which. Fortunately, there is also good news. A weight loss of 5 percent can already lead to a decrease in health problems. Always keep that in mind!


One of the most important diseases related to overweight and obesity is diabetes . As a result of the excess weight (especially the abdominal fat) the amount of fat in the blood rises. This makes the body less sensitive to insulin: insulin resistance. The hormone insulin lowers blood sugar levels. However, if the body becomes less sensitive to insulin, more is needed to lower blood sugar levels. When the pancreas can no longer keep up, the blood sugar level rises and diabetes can develop.

More than 80 percent of all cases of type 2 diabetes can be attributed to this. The greater the excess weight and the longer a person is overweight, the greater the risk of diabetes. Diabetes can in turn lead to eye, kidney, nerve, vascular and liver disorders.

Increased cholesterol

Cholesterol is for the most part produced in our bodies, by the liver. In addition, we get the substance through our food. Cholesterol is mainly found in animal fats. Meat, sausage, bacon, butter, cheese, chocolate and all kinds of other fatty foods contain large amounts of cholesterol.

A diet rich in saturated fats and many calories almost always gives rise to cholesterol. Especially LDL cholesterol can rise as a result of being overweight. That risk is even greater if a relatively large amount of fat is stored in the abdominal cavity.

Raised blood pressure

Excess weight increases the chance of an increase in blood pressure, both of the sup- port and of the negative pressure. This is especially true if the fat is stored mainly in the abdominal cavity. The risk increases with the duration of the overweight and is higher among younger people. Often the blood pressure drops again as soon as someone starts losing weight.

Heart and vascular disease

Diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Not immediately, but after a while. Overweight in itself, corrected for these three factors, also gives an increased chance.

The most common cardiovascular diseases are:

myocardial infarction and angina pectoris
cerebral infarction and TIA
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Complaints to musculoskeletal system

Because of the overweight, there are increased forces on your joints and bones. These forces strengthen the bones, reducing the risk of bone loss ( osteoporosis ). On the other hand, the cartilage in the joints is affected. As a result, overweight people are more likely to suffer from knee and hip complaints, low back pain and gout.

Disorders of the musculoskeletal system can make people less mobile. Good muscle building is then important. Weight loss may be necessary for the placement of prostheses.


Too high body weight increases the risk of different types of cancer . Fat tissue, for example, affects the hormones in the body. In women during and after the menopause, large amounts of estrogen cause an increased risk of breast cancer. Also in uterine, kidney and esophageal cancer the hormones produced in the adipose tissue seem to pose a risk.

In addition, excess weight is a risk factor for colorectal cancer, especially in men, and there is probably also a link with ovarian, pancreatic and gall bladder cancer. Scientists say that about 5 percent of cancer cases in Europe are due to severe obesity.

Some Other

Shortness of breath, asthma and emphysema are more common in people who are overweight, especially in combination with smoking. The sleep apnea syndrome , short breathing stops during sleep, is also often associated with severe obesity. Just like skin problems such as stretch marks, poor wound healing and softening of the skin. In women, serious overweight, as well as underweight, can lead to menstrual problems and infertility. You can visit Surfer Body Fitness website to know best ways to eliminate body fat.

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