Breast Muscle Enlargement In Males

Some men have small chest muscles and in other men, the chest muscle does not increase sufficiently with fitness. Men who are dissatisfied with the size of the chest muscles and the contours of their torso can undergo a breast enlargement.

A pectoral enlargement is a surgical procedure in which the pectoral muscle is enlarged by the insertion of an implant.

The consultation

Before you undergo an operation, you first have a conversation with the plastic surgeon. This is both an informative conversation and a health check. The plastic surgeon will ask you a few questions about your health during the conversation:

Health complaints at the moment
(Medicinal) diseases
Medicine use

The plastic surgeon will then discuss your wishes and the possibilities with you. He will explain the procedure and the risks of the procedure. The plastic surgeon then determines with you which implants are suitable for you.

Breast enlargement – the operation

The pectoral enlargement is performed under full anesthesia. After you have been put under complete anesthesia, the plastic surgeon will make a cut in the armpit. After this, an incision is made in the large chest muscle. The implant can then be pushed under the large pectoral muscle.

The surgeon then repeats the procedure with the other breast.

The placement of the implants is then adjusted a bit, so that they appear symmetrical when they are under the chest muscle. Finally, the muscle and skin are sealed again.

Sometimes it is necessary to temporarily leave a tube behind. Blood and moisture can then be drained via this tube (a drain).

Recovery after breast enlargement

The operation will take about an hour. After the operation, a support bandage is placed around the chest. This is to support the implants and prevent swelling. Once you have recovered from the narcosis, you can often go home the same day.

After the operation the chest muscles can be somewhat sensitive due to swelling. Some bruises may also be visible. You can use paracetamol for the pain. The pain will diminish within a week. However, you can continue to feel a tense feeling on the chest. This continues until the skin has adjusted.

You will often have to come back to the plastic surgeon after a week. He will look at the result and remove any stitches. Oh My Moobs advises to follow the following advice:

Keep resting for a few days after the procedure
Wear the elastic band for 6 weeks for optimal results
Avoid heavy physical exertion for a few weeks (such as intensive exercise and heavy lifting)
Risks and complications breast enlargement
Every intervention involves risks and complications. When breast enlargement, keep in mind the following:

Allergic reaction to the implant (rare)
Formation of capsule around the implant causing painful breasts (3%)
Inequality of the breasts
Sensitive / numb nipples
Staying on the edges of the implants (especially in people with thin skin)


The result is not immediately visible after the operation. The swelling of the chest muscles will first have to pull away. In addition, the skin and the muscles of the breast must first adapt to the new shape. The end result is therefore only visible after 3 months.

The scar that remains after the operation is about 5 cm. The scar is in the armpit, so it is often hardly visible.

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