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My name is Dolores Teodora. I am a professional blogger and researcher who continiously research on how can a male maintain its overall health. Can a man become a Superhuman ? What works and what does not work? I’m looking it for you.

In addition to trying things out and testing things myself, I also speak with experts. At events such as the Biohacker Summit in Helsinki and London. Or for my podcast, the Project Life Show.

At Maxi Male Lening I share the life lessons that I do. My skill is making complex things easy and fun. I get my motivation from books (from personal development to system theory), from the barriers I overcome, by observing, philosophizing and endless chatting.

About Maxi Male Lening

This site is an understanding platform on which comprehensive info is shared about male health and fitness. I strive for an objective to possibly place it, where male health problems are highlighted from different angles.

On my blog you can check out numerous articles and watch videos in the areas of male health, fitness, weight loss and general health.

I am constantly inspired to connect with you. Enjoy Reading!

For any queries, feel free to mail me at – [email protected]