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Day: July 17, 2018

To eliminate Top 5 Home Recovery Rash under the chest

To eliminate Top 5 Home Recovery Rash under the chest

There are several reasons why women experience rash under their breasts, here are some of them explained by

Excessive sweat – There are some sweet women. Although there are many generations, there are also women who are sweating about their lifestyle.

Lack of water circulation – Again, this is a reason why people suffer from rash. Usually, when sturdy clothes are used, there is not much air circulating to breathe the breath.

Ill Brassiere Appropriate – Wear too loose or too thick overcoat may cause a rash.

There are other reasons why people may experience rash under their breasts like infections or allergies, but the most important thing is to find a way to get rid of the results in the fastest possible time. Do you want to know how to get rid of the rash under your breasts? Here are some home remedies you should try.

1. Aloe Vera

There are many characteristics in Aloë Vera that make it perfect to reduce some of the signs of redness and itchiness caused by the result. It’s also anti-bacterial which means it can help eliminate bacteria that cause itching.

You must get fresh Aloe Vera leaves.
Aloë Vera leaf extract from gel.
Apply gel in the affected area and allow for about 20 minutes.
You need to do it approximately 3x a day.

2. Use cotton to remove Rash under the chest

Because one of the main reasons why women usually have a breast drop is due to excessive sweating, the use of cotton can help eliminate excessive sweating that can cause rash.

You need to wear a thin amount of cotton between the clothes you wear and your skin so that all your sweat will be absorbed by cotton.
Another way in which you can reduce the chances of breastfeeding is to wear clothing made from cotton as it helps the skin breathe better to reduce the accumulation of bacteria that thrive in places that are hot and humid.

3. Baking soda

If you want your results to dry, the use of bicarbonate of soda can be very effective to make it happen. Remember, it also has features that can help get rid of your inflammatory inflammation under your breasts.

Add a little bicarbonate of soda to a cup of water.
Place a mixture that does not have to make sugar as there is more water in the affected area.
Leave the mixture on the skin for about 5 – 10 minutes.
Do it about 2-3 times a day until you see that the rash begins to dry.

4. Use Tee Tree Oil to expand under the breast

There are many properties available in teem oil that make it very effective to get rid of skin rashes , which can help prevent fungal infection that can cause infection and skin rashes.

Mix the tea oil with carrier oils such as olive oil so that it is better absorbed by the skin.
Baptize ball of cotton and place it directly on the rash.
After placing enough oil on the skin, massage it slowly so that the oil can be absorbed better through the skin.
Is it everyday and you will begin to see results.

5. Garlic

Garlic has antiseptic and antifungal properties that make it effective to get rid of the rash under the breast area.

You should increase the amount of garlic you eat every day.
You can also put garlic with olive oil and leave for one night.
You will use oil the next day by applying it directly to the results.
Leave it on the skin for a few minutes before it is completely.
With all these home remedies, you will feel comfortable without any rash under your breasts to cause irritation and discomfort.

Chest hair, shaving or not?

Chest hair, shaving or not?

Chest hair comes in many different shapes and quantities. Before you actually realized it, more and more hair started to grow at your chest and abdomen. Around your puberty you as a man become more and more ‘hairy’. Now we all think it’s tough to have a beard or mustache and we shave it away just as easily. It is socially accepted and normal to shave away your facial hair. How else is that in your chest hair?

Leave your Chest Hair?

Chest Hair

Of course you can already choose a man to just let your chest hair sit where it is. That has its advantages. It is really nice to have an extra coat in the form of chest hair in the winter. Moreover, it is nothing at all strange and some men are very good indeed. It gives you something rough and tough as a man. Chest hair is of all times. In the 70s and 80s chest hair was immensely popular and men proudly walked around with their blouses. Moreover, chest hair is just something natural and some women find it very attractive. In short, every reason to just leave your chest hair.

Chest Hair Shaving

Of course you can also choose to shave your chest. You might find, just like me, the hair on your chest just incredibly irritating. There are also men who are just very hairy and can therefore feel insecure. It is good to imagine that they shave away their chest hair, so that they are better in their skin. You can also suffer from your chest hair in the summer, because it is just too hot.

You can also shave your chest hair because you simply find it more beautiful. As there are women who find men with chest hair attractive, there are also many ladies who fall very much on men who shave their chest.


The fact that it is a bit of a taboo to shave your chest is nowadays no longer an issue. Men become increasingly self-aware and pay more attention to their care and appearance. It is actually quite normal to simply shave away your chest if you want to. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans had their chest shaved. Especially gladiators who wanted to do impressive with their muscles did this regularly. Take a look at old paintings and other works of art from that time.

One last tip!

What you can do, whatever I do, is to trim your chest hair. Nowadays body trimmers are available for men everywhere. With this you can very easily get rid of all the extra body hair. This is highly recommended, because it feels much better than shaving. Your skin does not get irritated and you do not suffer from an itchy feeling afterwards.

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